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Here are a few questions we are often asked.

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This means the cement content is diminishing and your roof tiles are weakening. A sealer coat will help strengthen your tiles and reduce the amount of breakages. Sealing the tile against water ingress will significantly help stop this from occurring.
If your valleys haven't rusted too far, it is possible to seal them with a rubber bitumen coating, ensuring any rust has been properly treated and sealed. If your valleys are unable to be sealed, they must be replaced.
Some properties may use solely tank water as they're source of drinking water, and that is not a problem at all. All our coatings are acrylic and water based and is 100% safe for consumption.
Having your roof restored beautifies and adds value to your home as well as giving you piece of mind that your roof is in good condition.

Crumbling pointing is a clear sign that your roof requires urgent attention. Loose ridge caps can be blown off in a storm which is a serious safety issue for your family, and also a great risk to your property. Re-pointing your ridge capping with flexible pointing mix is essential to fix this issue.
With light growth there is nothing to worry about asides from possible aesthetic issues. Heavy growth can however impede the flow of water from your roof and will require treating and high pressure cleaning.
It is unavoidable that things will get messy, especially when using high-pressure washers, but our team goes to great lengths to ensure your house and surrounding areas are left spotless. We also wash and clean your gutters.
Yes, all full restorations are given an 8 year 100% guarantee.

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