Full Roof Restoration

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are normally only cleaned where the intention is to re-seal & re-paint/coat the roof tiles surface after. There have been various makers of Concrete/Cement roofing tiles over the Years. Some have performed very well & others have performed poorly. The reality is that Concrete tiles do in fact deteriorate over time. Concrete tiles may also develop structural defects if they are moved onto trucks & roofs & not left alone to mostly cure before being used. These defects mainly show up some years after the tiles are installed & cannot be rectified. Concrete roofing tiles generate about 120 degrees of surface temperature where the ambient daily temperature is 30 Degrees, most summers.

As a result the tiles surface takes a hammering Year in Year out with other things such as acid rain, wind & pollution all contributing to the wear & tare of the concrete roof tiles surface. Initially, the tiles surface will oxidise & become powdery; once the surface coating is gone the sand cement component of the tile also becomes affected by way of erosion. The surface of the tiles ends up in the roofs surrounding gutter system & will soil in the gutter limiting the flow of water to the gutters down pipes storm water of water tank & eventually giving cause for the gutters systems failure as well.

A good quality sealer & coating application will stop the tiles surface deterioration with a new colour also dramatically enhancing your roof appearance.



Step 1: Clean roof

Once all the roof has been checked for any broken tiles, and replaced if needed, the entire roof is washed with our high pressure machines using turbo type nozzles. The roof, gutters and surrounding areas are then rinsed clean once this is complete.

Step 2: Re-point Ridge Capping

After any necessary repairs to flashings, valleys or damaged battens, the ridge cappings and gables are then pointed with the Flexi-Point Ridge Security System, AS2050-1995


Step 3: Apply Sealer Coat

Now the roof has been cleaned and the ridge cappings pointed, we will apply a clear coat of sealer which helps seal the tiles and creates an ideal surface for the paint coatings.

Step 4: Apply Paint Coatings

Once all trimming out has been finished, it is time to apply two coats of acrylic water based paint to the tiles. This leaves the tiles newly rejuvinated and shining beautifully.